Over 115 faculty and lecturers are associated with the Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies. They are listed below alphabetically and in three groups, Faculty and Lecturers, Other Associated Faculty, and Emeritus Faculty along with their department and areas of specialization. Prospective graduate students are encouraged to contact faculty members whose research and teaching interests intersect with their own. Additional information is available on the departmental websites, which can be accessed through the University of Kansas homepage.

Cécile Accilien
Associate Professor
Bailey Hall, Room 9
Assistant Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
Wescoe 2620
Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Wescoe Hall, Room 3001
Chris Anderson
Professor, Anderson Chandler Fellow, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs
Capitol Federal Hall, Room 2109
Professor, Chair, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Wescoe Hall, Room 2650
Associate Professor, Director of International Programs
Capitol Federal Hall, Room 3124
Christopher Brown
Associate Professor, Geography, Director of Environmental Studies
223 Lindley Hall
Marta Caminero-Santangelo
Bailey Hall, Room 320
Paula Cupertino
Research Associate Professor, Preventive Medicine
KU Medical Center, Kansas City, KS
Gregory Cushman
Associate Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 3606
Picture of Stuart Day
Professor of Spanish
Wescoe Hall, Room 2650
Bart Dean
Associate Professor
Fraser Hall, Room 639
Tamara Falicov
Professor, Interim Associate Dean for Research in the Arts and Humanities, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Summerfield Hall, Room 124C
Ruben Flores
Associate Professor
Bailey Hall, Room 213M
Verónica Garibotto
Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Wescoe Hall, Room 2614
Associate Professor
Fraser Hall, Room 630
Michelle Hayes
Professor, Chair, Department of Dance
Robinson Health and Physical Education Center, Room 251
Laura Herlihy
Lecturer, Latin American & Caribbean Studies
320 Bailey Hall
Peter Herlihy
Lindley Hall, Room 202
John Hoopes
Fraser Hall, Room 629
Nina Kinti-Moss
Lecturer, Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies
320 Bailey Hall
Elizabeth Kuznesof
Wescoe Hall, Room 3610
Associate Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 2632
Curator, Global Indigenous Art
Spencer Museum of Art.
Brent Metz
Associate Professor, Associate Chair, Curriculum Coordinator -- Dept of Anthropology
Fraser Hall, Room 609
Michael Orosco
Associate Professor
Joseph R. Pearson Hall, Room 630
University Distinguished Professor
Dyche Hall, Room 713
Dovis Pollock
Lecturer, Spanish & Portuguese
2637 Wescoe
Clifton Pye
Associate Professor
Blake Hall, Room 424
Gary Reich
Associate Professor
Blake Hall, Room 414
Associate Librarian; Librarian for Spanish, Portuguese, Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Watson Library
Associate Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 2612
Associate Professor, Director, Spanish Language Program
Wescoe Hall, Room 2644
Paola Sanguinetti
Associate Professor
Marvin Hall, Room 416
Robert C. Schwaller
Assistant Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 3650
Antônio Simões
Associate Professor
Wescoe Hall, Room 2638
University Distinguished Professor
Dyche Hall, Room 713B
Michael Swann
Associate Professor, Associate Dean, School of Architecture, Design & Planning
Marvin Hall, Room 206
Barbara Thompson
Associate Professor
Joseph R. Pearson Hall, Room 404
Professor, Robert Mark Timm
Haworth Hall
Associate Professor of Brazilian Literature and Culture
Wescoe Hall, Room 2630
Susan Twombly
Professor, Chair, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Joseph R. Pearson Hall, Room 418
Associate Professor
Murphy Hall, Room 438
Lua Kamal Yuille
Green Hall, Room 315B

Associate Professor, Social Psychology
426 Fraser Hall
Elizabeth Asiedu
Professor, Economics
437 Snow Hall
Director, Multicultural Business Scholars Program, Lecturer, School of Business
(785) 864-7524
206-F Summerfield
Professor, Director of Gerontology
Fraser Hall, Room 454
Charlie Bankart
Assistant Vice Provost, Office of International Programs
300 Strong Hall
Michael Baskett
Associate Professor, Film & Media Studies
220 Oldfather Studios
Robert E. Bayliss
Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
2626 Wescoe Hall
Neal Becker
Assistant Professor/Director of Undergraduate Program, Economics, Undergraduate Advisor, Economics
415C Snow Hall
Christina Bejarano
Associate Professor, Political Science
406 Blake Hall
Chair and Professor, Geography
214A1 Lindley Hall
Associate Professor, American Studies
213 Bailey Hall
Clinical Professor, Pediatric Neurology
Luis R. Corteguera
Professor, History
2022 Wescoe Hall
Professor, Anthropology
5 Lippincott Hall
Marvin Hall, Room 410
Professor Emeritus
Lindley Hall, Room 214
Charles Eldredge
Distinguished Professor, History of Art
Professor Emeritus, Director, Work Group for Community Health and Development, Schiefelbusch Institute for Life Span Studies & Director, World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Community Health and Development
Dole Human Development Center, Room 4082
Stephanie Fitzgerald
Associate Professor, English
3137 Wescoe Hall
Joshua Freeman
Professor and Chair, Family Medicine
Manuela Gonzalez-Bueno
Associate Professor, Education
342 Joseph R Pearson Hall
Professor and Associate Dean of Clinical Programs, School of Law
Green Hall
Maryemma Graham
Distinguished Professor, English
3102 Wescoe Hall
Associate Professor, Visual Art
513 Chalmers Hall
Robert W. Wagstaff Distinguished Professor, Law
415 Green Hall
Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
3901 Rainbow Blvd. Kansas City, KS 66160
Associate Professor, CLAS Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Department of Theatre
Murphy Hall, Room 317
Christina M. Holt
Program Specialist I, Bureau of Child Research, Associate Director, Community Tool Box Services
4082 Dole Human Development Center
Professor, Economics
415B Snow Hall
Sheyda Jahanbani
Assistant Professor, History
3611 Wescoe Hall
Assistant Professor, Humanities
205-B Bailey Hall
Randal Jelks
Professor, American Studies and African and African-American Studies
Bailey Hall
Associate Professor, Geography
402 Lindley Hall
William Johnson
Professor, Geography
420 Lindley Hall
Associate Professor, Political Science, Director, Center for Global & International Studies
405 Blake Hall
Paul Laird
Professor, Musicology
460 Murphy Hall
Associate Professor, History
2005 Wescoe Hall
Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
3039 Wescoe Hall
Paul Markham
Associate Professor, Curriculum and Teaching, School of Education
440 JRP
Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
3030 Wescoe Hall
Professor, Visual Art
503 Art and Design Building
Associate Professor, Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering
2150 Learned Hall
Assistant Professor, Dance
1301 Sunnyside Avenue. Room 247
Joane Nagel
Distinguished Professor, Sociology
723 Fraser Hall
Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
424 Joseph R. Pearson Hall
Associate Professor
Blake Hall, Room 322
Associate Professor, Sociology
716 Fraser Hall
Associate Professor, Political Science
320 Bailey Hall
International & Interdisciplinary Studies, American Studies Assistant Professor
Bailey Hall, Room 213J
Associate Professor, Curriculum and Teaching
439 Joseph R. Pearson Hall.
Associate Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
2041 Haworth Hall
Lecturer, Peace and Conflict Studies
303-A Bailey Hall
Kimber Richter
Professor, Preventive Medicine
3901 Rainbow Blvd. Kansas City, KS 66160
Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
3037 Wescoe Hall
Jerry Schultz
Co-Director, Work Group for Community Health and Development, Adjunct Assistant Professor, KU Department of Preventive Medicine, the Department of Applied Behavioral Science, Co-Director, World Health Organization Collaborating Centre
4082 Dole Human Development Center
Roberta Schwartz
Associate Professor, Music
460 Murphy Hall
Professor Emeritus
Smith Hall, Room 104
Geraldo de Sousa
Professor, English
3121 Wescoe Hall
Assistant Professor, Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering
4112-C Learned Hall
Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
7005 Haworth Hall
Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Teaching
Andrew Torrance
Associate Professor, School of Law
504 Green Hall
Associate Professor
Art and Design Building
Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
2616 Wescoe Hall
213G Bailey Hall
Adjunct Reseacrh Associate, Institute for Policy and Social Research, KU, Professor, American Indian Studies, Haskell Indian Nations University
155 Indian Avenue
Professor of Piano, Music
Murphy Hall
Michael Zogry
Associate Professor, Religious Studies, Director, Indigenous Studies Program
202 Smith Hall

Name Department Specialization
Omofolabo Ajayi-Soyinka WGSS  
John Augelli Geography Central America
Steven Bozarth Geography  
Robert Casad School of Law Civil procedure, conflicts, federal jurisdiction, remedies
Vernon Chamberlin Spanish and Portuguese  
Donald Chambers Social Welfare  
Dimitrios Dendrinos Architecture and Urban Design  
Jerome Dobson Geography  
Michael Doudoroff Spanish and Portuguese Spanish American modernism and literature
Stephen B. Fawcett Applied Behaivioral Science  
Johannes Feddema Geography  
Bryant Freeman African and African American Studies Haitian Creole, voodoo, Haitain culture and politics
Paul Garcia Curriculum and Planning  
John Garland School of Business NAFTA, US-Canada-Mexico trade
Malcolm Gibson School of Journalism  
Michael Greenfield Ecology and Evolutionary Biology  
Anita Herzfeld Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Professor & Former Director of Undergraduate Studies Socio-linguistic inequality, multiculturalism, creole languages of the Caribbean, multilingualism
Jill Kleinberg Business  
Jill Kuhnheim CLACS and Spanish and Portuguese  
Judith Leblanc Life Span Institute  
Linda Lee Journalism  
Robert Lichtwardt Biology  
Donna Luckey Architecture and Urban Planning, Associate Professor Housing and settlement patterns in Costa Rica, environmental planning
Charles Michener Museum of Entomology  
Robert Nunley Geography Central American geography, geography of population
Fred Rodriguez Curriculum and Teaching, Office of the Provost  
Robert Smith Museum of Anthropology  
Raymond Souza Spanish and Portuguese Twentieth-century Spanish American literature, Caribbean literature, Cuban fiction
Donald Stull Anthropology  
Vicky Unruh Spanish and Portuguese Modern Spanish American narrative and theatre, the literary vanguards in Latin America, and Hispanic Caribbean literature.
Arnold Weiss Spanish and Portuguese  
Don Worster History  
Akira Yamamoto Anthropology  

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