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The Bachelor of Arts degree in Latin American & Caribbean Studies provides a broad academic background with a deep regional focus, often in conjunction with a second major in a specific discipline, and a mastery of Spanish and other languages. The program enables students to take courses in a variety of departments as a part of their plan of study and can lay a strong foundation for graduate work. Students are encouraged to pursue graduation with honors in Latin American & Caribbean Studies.

Prospective majors should begin language study in a Latin American Language of their choice as soon as possible. The intensive language program is recommended for those without high school preparation. Prospective majors are also encouraged to choose courses with Latin American content (for example, LAA 100, LAA 300, HIST 121) for College principal course distribution requirements. All students must be advised by the designated advisor of the program.

What kind of job can I get?

Many employers have a strong interest in Latin America and in Spanish-speaking employees who have an interest in Hispanic cultures. Graduates from Latin American Area Studies have found jobs with the U.S. Foreign Service or other government agencies and with companies with business interests in Latin America. Many graduates are teachers, from elementary school to college. Others work with non-governmental organizations doing development and social service work in Latin America.

Although students may choose to single major, most find that double majoring in Latin American Area Studies and another discipline makes them particularly attractive to employers. Students who combine Latin American & Caribbean Studies with journalism can work for newspapers, radio and television stations, and advertising agencies that serve Latin American countries and Latina/o communities in the United States. A double major in business or social welfare combines well with companies or social service agencies that work with or serve Latin American customers or clients.

Other students complement their Latin American & Caribbean Studies major with a second major in fields such as history, political science, Spanish, economics, or anthropology. Many students go on for an advanced degree in Latin American & Caribbean Studies or other liberal arts disciplines such as history, sociology or economics. Most of these students plan to teach in post-secondary schools or do research in Latin American areas.

Some Latin American Area Studies graduates go on for advanced degrees in business, education, or journalism where they use their knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese languages and cultures to develop a special career niche for themselves.  Like many fields in the liberal arts, Latin American and Caribbean Studies helps students build a broad background of knowledge, strengthen writing and critical thinking skills, and develop the flexibility of thought that today's constantly changing workplace requires.

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