Post Conflict Colombia Symposium


Despite its incredible cultural and biological diversity, Colombia has experienced nearly 60 years of civil war that only ended officially with the November 2016 Peace Accords. In the aftermath of a brutal conflict that left Colombia ravaged by violence and ineffable suffering and destruction, the country is now coming to terms with the novel challenges of post-conflict social life, such as adequately providing for the social welfare of displaced populations, and responding to environmental problems, including massive deforestation. Because of the country’s diverse landscapes, economies, and socio-political histories, the armed conflict did not affect all regions of the Colombia equally. Some regions received a high number of displaced peoples, including Venezuelans, while other areas are facing unprecedented levels of deforestation, clandestine mining, and cocaine production. This interdisciplinary symposium will examine current challenges in Caquetá, a department in the Colombian Amazon. Approximately the size of the US state of South Carolina, Caquetá is one of the most traumatized departments of Colombia, where vast forested areas were until recently under FARC control. About half of Caquetá’s population are war victims (~200,000), and most of them live in its capital city, Florencia. By bringing together a representative group of Caquetá’s government officials, social leaders, educators, and scholars, this symposium will provide a holistic view of the current challenges facing this vital area of the Amazon, and assess efforts underway to promote ecologically appropriate social development in post-conflict Colombia.


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