William Johnson

Professor, Geography
Primary office:
420 Lindley Hall



Current Research & Projects


Research Interests
Quaternary stratigraphy, Stable isotope geochemistry, Geoarchaeology, Fluvial geomorphology, and Geologic mapping of Neogene and Quaternary deposits
Selected Publications

"Carbon isotope variation in modern soils of the tallgrass prairie: analogues for the interpretation of isotopic records derived form paleosols." In The Soil Record of Quaternary Climate Change. B. Harrison and C. Olson, eds. Elsevier, 2007.

Holocene loess chronology and stratigraphy of a loess table, southwestern Nebraska, USA" The Holocene. In preparation.

Courses Taught

GEOG 104: Principles of Physical Geography

B.S. Earth Sciences, Northern Illinois University (1968); M.S. Department of Geography, Northern Illinois University (1971); Ph.D. Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison (1976)
Language Competence Spanish (3)


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