Application Materials

1. A two-page double-spaced statement of purpose, describing your:

  • Educational background and future career plans;
  • Interest in the discipline and language;
  • Planned course of study;
  • How your language study will further your career plans;
  • Relation of the language to your current degree program.

2. Your current curriculum vitae or resume

3. KU Advising Reportor most recent college transcript

This document should be converted to a PDF and attached along with the application(this document). A tutorial on how to generate a KU Advising Report can be found here

Successful applications will include grades from the semester preceding the application deadline.

4. Unofficial transcript(s) from a previous school or program

  • For undergraduate students: high school transcripts.  
  • For graduate students: undergraduate transcripts.

You may ask the secretary of your home department to photocopy the transcripts you submitted when you applied for graduate work at the University; do not go to the extreme of ordering new originals.  Undergraduate students may obtain copies of their high school transcripts from their school or use other unofficial copies.

5. Identify names and emails of three (3) recommenders and notify them to submit letters of recommendation on your behalf. 

Please note that one letter must be from your most recent language instructor, who will evaluate your proficiency in the language you have chosen to study.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to notify recommenders to submit a letters of recommendation on their behalf. Late applications will not be accepted.

It is strongly advised that you ask permission before submitting a person’s name and email as a recommender. When asking for a letter of recommendation, it is also advisable to inform the potential recommender about which FLAS Fellowship term you are applying (Academic Year or Summer), the language you plan to study, and the FLAS application deadline. Please be courteous to your referees by planning in advance and allowing them ample time to respond to your request. 

6. Information about the program in which you intend to enroll, if not a KU program. 

If you plan to study abroad during the academic year or summer, or attend a non-KU domestic intensive summer language program, please attach an electronic copy of the brochure for the program, or include a link to the website of the program (in English).  You should also include the following information:

  • Total number of weeks of the program
  • Total number of hours in language study (contact hours) in the program
  • Projected departure and return date
  • Start and end dates of the program
  • A paragraph explaining why you have selected the program

7. Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) from your Free Application for Federal Student AidStudent Aid Report (SAR):

Applicants must also report financial need as indicated by the FAFSA generated Expected Family Contribution (EFC) number. The provided information will be confirmed through coordination with the KU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships or the student’s home institution.  The EFC number is located in the upper right hand corner of the Student Aid Report (SAR).

8. If you plan to study abroad, registration with the KU Office of Study Abroad is required.

KU's Office of Study Abroad (OSA) highly recommends students register with their office before March 1, regardless if they have been approved for a FLAS. 

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