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Sheyda Jahanbani

Assistant Professor, History
Primary office:
3611 Wescoe Hall



Current Research
Exploring the democratization of American and Western European foreign policy in the post-World War II period, charting the rise and exploring the significance of the celebrity-diplomat, people-to-people diplomacy, overseas volunteer programs, and the non-governmental organization as major players in international relations.
Current Projects
'A Different Kind of People:' The Poor at Home and Abroad, 1935-1975, seeks to historicize the origins of a global conception of poverty.
Research Interests
US and the World; International Approaches to Poverty, history of the U.S. and the world (1776-2001), modern U.S. history, the history of international cooperation, the cold war at home and abroad, the U.S. and the "third world," global poverty, U.S.-Latin American relations
Selected Publications
A Different Kind of People: The Poor at Home and Abroad, 1935-1975 (book project in progress).

"'One Global War on Poverty:' Fighting Underdevelopment at Home and Abroad, 1964-1968." In The United States and the Global Challenges of the 1960s. Mark Lawrence and Frank Gavin, eds. (volume under consideration Oxford University Press).
Courses Taught

HIST 390: History of Globalization 
HIST 510: Latin America: Law, Politics, and Culture
HIST 630: American Diplomatic History II: After 1901 
HIST 696: US History 
HIST 800: US Foreign Relations

B.A. Foreign Service (1999); M.A. Georgetown University (2001); Ph.D. Brown University (2009)
Language Competence French (4); Spanish (2)


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