CLACS Summer 2023 Languages Courses

This year CLACS is offering the study of Guaraní and Quechua, South American indigenous languages. These languages are two of the most widely spoken indigenous languages in Latin America. Guaraní has 6 millions of indigenous and non-indigenous speakers and Quechua more than 11 millions.

The courses are taking place ONLINE and are taught by our faculty and native speakers in their country of origin. These eight weeks courses are designed to fulfill the equivalent to one year of university-level language instruction. Classes are taught from June 6 to July 28. 

Learning these new languages can not only enhance communication skills but also promote cultural awareness and understanding of the importance of valuing the global diversity. Learning these Latin American indigenous languages, can provide a unique and enriching experience for learners, broadening their linguistic and cultural horizons. It can also can open up new opportunities for employment and academic research in the region. These courses help build relationships and connect with the local communities, which can be particularly important for business or social interactions.

Enrollment and costs

The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Title VI National Resource Center grant funding provided by the U.S. Department of Education and the College for Liberal Arts at the University of Kansas are sponsoring these courses this Summer 2023.

The Summer language courses are tuition FREE for students not earning credits. This include Highschool students in any grade and Highschool teachers.

CLACS will cover the cost of tuition and the students will only pay KU fees.

If you have questions about the enrollment process write to

Additionally, taking these courses will make everyone enrolled, for credit or not, eligible for the FLAS (Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships)

This is Amaru. Among the Quechua, Amaru was the god of wisdom. For over 40 years, he has stood daily at the entrance to Red Valley (in Peru) and welcomed visitors.

Elementary Quechua I & II

Enroll Elementary Quechua I
Section 1, June 6 - June 30 with codes LAC 602, QUEC 110, QUEC 610, ANTH 502

Enroll Elementary Quechua II
Section 2, July 3 - July 28 with codes LAC 602, QUEC 114, ISP 504, ANTH 502

For questions contact the instructor Heaven Snyder at:

Find your class here

Guarani People Paraguay

Elementary Guaraní I

Enroll Elementary Guaraní
June 6 - July 29
Codes LAC 302, LAC 602
Monday through Thursday - 05:00 - 06:15 PM

For questions contact the instructor David Martínez at:

Find your class here