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A schedule of Latin American and Caribbean Studies approved classes for the current semester is available below. Courselists for the fall and spring semesters since the 2000/2001 school year are archived and links are available at the bottom of the page. All schedules are in PDF format. The KU Office of the Registrar maintains an online, searchable schedule of classes. Please note that courses listed in the PDFs are subject to change. Check the registrar's online listings for the latest information.

Fall 2017 Course List (PDF)

LAA Course Descriptions

LAA 100: Latin American & Caribbean Std - Latin American Culture&Society ( 3 / AE42 / S / SC ) Fall 2016
An introduction to the interdisciplinary study of Latin America, as manifest in the arts and literature, history, and in environmental, political, economic, and social realities. Explores and critiques the principal themes and methodologies of Latin American Studies, with an aim towards synthesizing contributions from several different disciplines. Emphasizes the unique insights and perspectives made possible by interdisciplinary collaboration and provides students with a basic knowledge base for understanding Latin America today. (Same as HIST 124.) 
Satisfies: Goal 4 Outcome 2 (AE42) ,  S Social Science (S) ,  SC Culture & Society PC (SC)  LEC

LAA 177: Latin American & Caribbean Std - First Year Seminar: ( 3 / GE11 / U ) Fall 2016
A limited-enrollment, seminar course for first-time freshmen, addressing current issues in Latin Area and Caribbean Studies. Course is designed to meet the critical thinking learning outcome of the KU Core. First-Year Seminar topics are coordinated and approved by the Office of First-Year Experience. Prerequisite: First-time freshman status.
Satisfies: Goal 1 Outcome 1 (GE11) ,  U Undesignated elective (U) LEC

LAA 300: Latin American & Caribbean Std - Intrdsplnry Thems Lat Amr Stds ( 3 / AE51 / U ) Fall 2016
This course offers an in-depth examination of several key themes in Latin American Studies. Emphasis is placed on exploring the utility of interdisciplinary methods and on becoming familiar with the theoretical framework that underpins the field. Prior completion of LAA 100 recommended. 
Satisfies: Goal 5 Outcome 1 (AE51) ,  U Undesignated elective (U)  LEC

LAA 302: Latin American & Caribbean Std - Topcs Latin American Area Std: ( 3 / U ) Fall 2016 & Summer 2016
Investigation of special topics on Latin America at the undergraduate level. 
Satisfies: U Undesignated elective (U)  LEC

LAA 334: Latin American & Caribbean Std - Indigenous Traditions Latin Am ( 3 / AE42 / NW / S / W ) Fall 2016
A survey of the major indigenous traditions of Mesoamerica, the Andes, and lowland tropical Latin America. Coverage emphasizes how indigenous cultural traditions and societies have both continued and changed since the European Invasion and addresses such current issues as language rights, territorial rights, sovereignty, and state violence. Students enrolled in the 600-level section will be required to complete additional research and class leadership tasks. Not open to students who have taken LAA 634. (Same as ANTH 379,.)
Satisfies: Goal 4 Outcome 2 (AE42) ,  NW Non-Western Culture (NW) ,  S Social Science (S) ,  World Culture (W) 

LAA 499: Latin American & Caribbean Std - Hnrs Course Latin Amer Studies ( 3 / AE61 / H ) Fall 2016 & Summer 2016
Intensive study and research under faculty direction. Open to students wishing to graduate with honors in Latin American Studies and having a grade point average of at least 3.5 in Latin American Studies and at least 3.25 overall. Requires an interdisciplinary project concerning a specific topic involving at least two disciplines. Must be directed by a faculty member in Latin American Studies, approved by the Center Associate Director, and defended before a committee of at least three faculty members. To earn departmental honors, a student must take the course for two semesters (with a minimum grade of B the first semester, and an A the second).
Satisfies: Goal 6 Outcome 1 (AE61) ,  H Humanities (H) LEC

LAA 500: Latin American & Caribbean Std - Drctd Stdy Lat Am Area Studies ( 1-3 / AE61 / U ) Fall 2016 & Summer 2016
Independent study and directed reading on special topics. 
Satisfies: Goal 6 Outcome 1 (AE61) ,  U Undesignated elective (U)  IND

LAA 602: Latin American & Caribbean Std - Tpcs in Latin Americn Studies: ( 3 / U ) Fall 2016 & Summer 2016
Investigation of special topics on Latin America. 
Satisfies: U Undesignated elective (U) LEC

LAA 700: Latin American & Caribbean Std - Intro Latin Am Library Resourc ( 3 ) Fall 2016
A survey of bibliographic and reference sources for research on Latin America in the humanities and social sciences. Designed to prepare students for library research at the seminar, thesis, or dissertation level.
Prerequisite: Junior standing, reading knowledge of Spanish or Portuguese. LEC

LAA 899: Latin American & Caribbean Std - Thesis/Non-Thesis ( 1-6 ) Fall 2016 & Summer 2016
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. THE

Archived Course lists:

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