Culturally Responsive Teaching in Uncertain Times

Our globalized society might have us believe that we are more connected or have more in common now than ever. While that might be true, diversity absolutely matters. There is value in difference, and different lived experiences must be acknowledged, especially in the classroom.

As communities and schools in the state of Kansas become more diverse, often teachers must educate students who are culturally, linguistically, and economically different than themselves. This means going beyond honoring diversity for sake of difference, and addressing the significance of social, cultural, and linguistic factors that require specialized teaching strategies and services in K-12 schools. Creating an inclusive classroom means being a responsive teacher.

You’re invited to “Culturally Responsive Teaching in Uncertain Times,” a workshop where you will consider why diversity matters in today’s classroom and how you can teach in a diverse environment and harness the cultural knowledge your students bring. 

Designed as a professional development workshop intended primarily for high school and community college educators (but open to all K-16 school professionals), this one-day virtual event will challenge educators to learn about the larger contexts that shape student learning. This workshop is designed for teachers willing to reflect on personal practices and attitudes that influence their teaching as well as to develop strategies for culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy.

Teachers will hear from scholars at the University of Kansas and local educators from rural and urban schools that are responding to diversity in new and dynamic ways. They will be introduced to emerging research and work with other educators to consider how pedagogy and curriculum can adequately address educational inequalities and social justice.

Please join us on Saturday, October 30, 2021 from 9:00-3:00 p.m. This is a free workshop offered by the University of Kansas Area Studies Centers. 

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Culturally Responsive Teaching in Uncertain Times is sponsored by the University of Kansas Center for Latin American and Caribbean StudiesKansas African Studies CenterCenter for Russian and East European Studies, and Center for East Asian Studies.