Grants Awardees

We are very proud to have funded the following KU students for these awards. 

Charles Stansifer Fellowship

The Charles Stansifer Fellowship is a $5,000 award to outstanding doctoral students graduate students who are working to complete their dissertations on a Latin American or Caribbean topic.  Preference is given to research on Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and US-Latin American relations, respectively. 

2022  Kevin Chovanec – Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 

2023  Timmia Hern – Theater 

2023  Luís Sánchez – Spanish

Tinker Field Research grants

Tinker Field Research grants are co-funded by a grant from the Tinker Foundation and KU College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.  Tinker grants support Masters and pre-dissertation doctoral students for 2+ weeks of travel to Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking Latin America for exploratory research. 



Daniel Bagheri Sarvestani – Anthropology 

Idaima Calderon – Medicine 

Carola Emkow – Latin American & Caribbean Studies 

Rafa Gonzalez – Geography 

Ana Paula Mumy – Speech, Language, & Hearing 

Luis Sanchez Arrocha – Spanish 

Melissa Terrall – Music 




Carola Emkow – Indigenous Studies 

Luisa Garcés – Spanish 

Andrés Herrera – Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 

Lorena Mosquera – Spanish 

Manuel Rodríguez – Spanish 

Cesia Espinal – Spanish 


Robert Oppenheimer Research Travel Grant

The Robert Oppenheimer Research Travel Grant honors a former KU professor of Latin American history and funds graduate students in the humanities and social sciences who wish to perform research in Latin America or the Caribbean. The center awards the grant(s) in odd years, and the Department of History selects applicants in History in even years. 



Pere DeRoy – Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies 

Hipatia Medina – Spanish 

Guillermina Peña-Sandoval – Spanish 

Rafa González – Geography 


CLACS Graduate International Research Award

(for PhD candidates or students traveling to non-Spanish or non-Portuguese-speaking countries) 


Silvia Sánchez - Anthropology 


Anita Herzfeld Study Abroad Scholarship

The Anita Herzfeld Study Abroad Scholarship honors former center Undergraduate Director, Study Abroad Director, and Latin American linguist who helped shape into what it is today. 


Spring 2022 

Victoria García Unzueta – Strategic Communication 

Margarita Nuñez Arroyo – American Studies 

Ava Taylor – Global & International Studies 


Fall 2022 

David H Matson – Human Biology (Pre-med) 


Spring 2023 

Anika Schroeder – Global & International Studies, Slavic, German, & Eurasian Studies 

Jeannine Lopez – Biochemistry, History 

Sofia McCoy – Human Biology (Pre-med) 

Angel(a) Salinas-Villa – Foreign Lang Education, French, Spanish 


Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships are funded via an institutional grant awarded by the US Department of Education (USDE).  The intent is to build a reservoir of scholars with linguistic and cultural expertise on all areas of the world.  FLAS Fellowships focus on “Less Commonly Taught Languages”, which currently includes all non-US languages except Spanish, German, French, and Italian.  Due to generous support from the USDE and the KU College of Arts & Sciences, the center funds instruction in the indigenous languages of Guaraní, Kaqchikel Maya, Mískitu, Quechua, Tlapanec (Me’phaa), and Yucatec Maya, as well as Haitian Creole, Portuguese, and Spanish. 


SUMMER 2022 


Nikita Duling, Portuguese (Spanish) 

Korbin Jones, Guaraní (Latin American & Caribbean Studies) 

Jesse Sullinger, Quechua (Latin American & Caribbean Studies) 



Victoria Garcia Unzueta, Portuguese (Strategic Communications) 

Alysia Martínez, Quechua (Linguistics, Psychology) 

Yareli Ortiz, Quechua, (Social Work)  

Sophie Whitney, Portuguese (Global & International Studies, Sociology) 




Kevin Chovanec, Haitian Kreyol (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology) 

Korbin Jones, Guaraní (Latin American & Caribbean Studies) 

Katlyn Maas, Portuguese (Global & International Studies) 

Madeleine Stewart, Kaqchikel Maya (Linguistics) 

Jesse Sullinger, Yucatec Maya, (Latin American & Caribbean Studies) 



Sayan Grover, Kaqchikel (Global & International Studies, American Studies) 

Alysia Martínez, Yucatec Maya (Linguistics, Psychology) 

Yareli Ortiz, Quechua (Social Work) 

Salem Sanfilippo Solindas, Kaqchikel Maya (Linguistics, German) 


SUMMER 2023 


Margarita Nuñez, Kaqchikel (American Studies) 

Christa Osarczuk, Kaqchikel (Anthropology) 



Alysia Martínez, Quechua (Linguistics, Psychology) 

Itzel Nava, Portuguese (Business) 

Yareli Ortiz, Yucatec (Social Work) 

Wesley Pittack, Kaqchikel (Psychology, Finance) 

Raegan Stiger, Haitian Creole (Biochemistry) 




Korbin Jones, Guaraní (Latin American & Caribbean Studies, English) 

Margarita Nuñez Arroyo, Kaqchikel (American Studies) 

Kiera Eckhardt, Portuguese, (Anthropology) 

Salem San Filippo, Kaqchikel Maya (Indigenous Studies) 

Fernanda Reyes, Kaqchikel Maya (Medicine) 



Alysia Martinez, Yucatec Maya (Linguistics, Psychology) 

Yareli Ortiz, Yucatec Maya (Social Work) 

Jason Brown, Portuguese (Music Education)