Partner Projects Faculty Travel Awards

Partner Projects Faculty Travel Awards Spring 2023

To build international partnerships, design exchange programs, arrange joint study abroad trips, and conduct collaborative research with Latin American / Caribbean partners (up to $5,000).

Please explain the collaborative nature of your project and submit a detailed budget.  Projects involving area Community Colleges or Minority Serving Institutions will be favored.  

Application: CV, 300-word narrative about collaborative project, and detailed budget.  

Revolving deadline but no later than 45 days before travel. In 2023-24, we will fund a special multi-faculty trip to explore partnerships and programs in Paraguay.

Direct applications please email Brent Metz, CLACS Director:

This funding creates some amazing opportunities for curriculum development, programming, community outreach, and language learning in the region. In particular, there are funds available for KU faculty and non-KU educators to conduct individual or collaborative research (not for conference presentation, annual meetings, workshops, etc.) and/or to co-facilitate study abroad programs in Latin American or Caribbean countries.

In order to complete this application you will also need to provide the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • 300-word narrative about research project
  • Detailed budget
  • And any other funding sources for travel

In the letter of intent indicate the following: 

  • Type of Project: Collaborative Research, Student Exchange, Service Learning, New Initiative Development
  • Type of Travel: Domestic, International
  • Reason for travel
  • Dates of travel
  • Travel destination:
  • Partner information: Name, Email, Affiliated Institution, City, Country, Collaborative Role
  • Other funding sources: send additional information 
  • Estimated expenses: Airfare Expenses, Lodging Expenses, Ground Transportation, Per Diem, Other Expenses=Total Expenses