Quechua Programs

Quechua Study Abroad Opportunities:

University of Pittsburgh Summer Abroad 

This FLAS Fellowship Eligible Quichua Program offers quality instruction in English. The program is held in a community where Quichua is the dominant language of everyday instruction. The program is approved for FLAS by the US Department of Education. It includes 140 hours of classroom instruction. Pre and post course testing assess progress toward performance goals set forth in USDE IRIS testing instruments. 132 FLAS Fellows from 36 different universities have attended the the Andes and Amazon Field School to date. Quichua language is used as a window for anthropological linguistic study of Amazonian thinking about nature. Specialties: Quichua for talking about nature, the environment and health.


ACUPARI- Language School in Cusco, Peru

Acupari only offers Kichwa (Quechwa) on a one-to-one basis at their language school in Cusco. The starting date is flexible. To put what you have learned into practice, you will spend some of your Quechua tuition time outside of the classroom, for example visiting the markets in Cusco or a village community in the Andes with your Quechua teacher.

In your free time you can practice Quechua with your Peruvian Tandem partner, but also in your host family! Send in your registration early enough, so the school can arrange to place you with a Peruvian host family of a "quechua native speaker".


Quechua Language Program; University of Michigan

This FLAS-eligible course takes place in Cusco, Peru from June 18-August 3, 2019. The summer language program in Quechua is in partnership with Centro Tinku. Classes meet daily for four hours per day, for a total of 140 language instruction contact hours per course—the equivalent of a full academic year on campus. To complement the language training, participants also experience a series of lectures on Quechua culture and history and are guided on an extensive program of excursions and cultural events. Non-UM students may email programas@centrotinku.com to enroll directly with Centro Tinku.