Quechua Resources

KU Resources:

Open Educational Resources

KU Quechua resources, compiled and written by Nina Kinit Moss, including: Quechua stories, Quechua-English-Spanish Trilingual Dictionary and, Imanalla: An Introduction to Quechua.

External Resources:

UCLA department of Spanish and Portuguese- Quechua/Kichwa Language Program

UCLA's website provides links for getting a headstart on learning how to say common greeting, colors and, provides a link to a youtube channel hosted by their alumni Rocio Flores that focuses on Kichwa/Quechua language.

Quechua: The Market

A Quechua unit from New York University that introduces basic vocabulary, the present, past, future and imperative tenses, suffixes and basic grammatical explanations. Each lesson includes a transcript and comprehension questions.

Yachakuqkunapa Simi Qullqa

A dictionary produced by the Peruvian Ministry of Education.