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Spanish Immersion Retreat

The cost-of-attendance should not be a barrier from participating in the retreat; scholarships and/or travel stipends are available for prospective attendees who are unable to pay.

This form is intended for prospective attendees who are unable to afford the cost of registation at this time. If you do not have financial need at this time, please return to the Spanish Immersion Retreat homepage.

In at least one paragraph, please explain why you are interested in Spanish Immersion Retreat. Please explain how you hope to benefit from the retreat and/or how it might meet your personal/professional needs.
Please indicate your current level of Spanish proficiency. This information will be used to form efficient conversation/working groups.
Indicate your position at the current institution. For example: Student, Teacher, Counselor, etc.
If you are an educator, please list the grade levels that you teach.
If you are an educator, please list the subjects that you teach.
Please list your company/institution/school affiliations.
Indicate whether you need financial support for travel.
Indicate the method by which you will travel to KU. This information helps to prepare for parking and accessibility assistance.
Indicate whether you, or members if your group, will require ADA parking close to the venue.
Please list any personal dietary considerations.
Please list any personal accessibility considerations.
Please list any other personal considerations.
Please tell us how you learned about this event.
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