Nate Brunsell
  • Professor

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Lindley Hall, room #214A


ATMO/GEOG 731 - Land-Atmosphere Interactions
ATMO 731 - Atmospheric Turbulence
ATMO/GEOG 521- Microclimatology
ATMO 680 - Physical Meteorology
ATMO 642 - Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere

Selected Publications

Wesley, E., Brunsell, N., Saint Onge, J., Rahn, D., Kane, N., Kennedy, K. (2022). Neighborhood effects on acute pediatric asthma: Race, greenspace, and PM2.5. Environmental Health Perspectives.
Zheng, Y., Brunsell, N., Alfieri, J., Niyogi, D. (2021). Impacts of land cover heterogeneity and land surface parameterizations on turbulent flow and mesoscale simulations. Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics - Volume 133.
Brunsell, N. (2021). Rainfall patterns and geomorphological controls driving inundation frequency in tropical wetlands: How does the Pantanal flood?. Progress in Physical Geography.
Brunsell, N. (2021). Legacy effects following fire on surface energy, water and carbon fluxes in mature Amazonian forests. Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences - Issue 5 | Volume 126.
Brunsell, N. (2021). Impact of a nocturnal low level jet on surface layer turbulent characteristics. Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres - Issue 7 | Volume 126.
Brunsell, N. (2020). Automated detection algorithm for SACZ, Oceanic SACZ and their climatological features. Frontiers in Environmental Science - Volume 8.
Brunsell, N. (2019). Greenspace Pattern and the Surface Urban Heat Island: A Biophysically-Based Approach to Investigating the Effects of Urban Landscape Configuration. Remote Sensing - Issue 19 | Volume 11.

Awards & Honors

<div class="fp-award fp-container"><div class="aca-award">John C. Wright Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award. University of Kansas, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Received: 5-01-2023.</div></div>